Traveling Is a Present Option

Traveling Is a Present Option

If you care to listen to some people who keep on planning but always postponing their page-corporate-traveltravel plans, most people wait to travel the world but end up never doing.

That is unfortunate.

If you think about it, one doesn’t need to sell their worldly possessions and become a homeless vagabond just to travel frequently. If wanted, starting with a weekend in a different state is a good start.

Getting out there more than you do now is still another option. Maybe trying a week in the country is a next-door choice.

It’s a big, exciting, fascinating and beautiful world out there. Start exploring. Now.



Even airlines will not be able to foresee whether ticket prices will go down or up [according to sources sophisticated programs handle these]. So if you’re holding out with lower airfare as reasons, airfares change quickly. It is suggested that you buy the ticket you can afford and run. Don’t look back. Otherwise, rely on ticket trackers to see the fare difference.



Mileage points rarely benefit the traveller. Most ads and popular discussion forum will encourage doing the combo of selecting the destination, hotel and airline for points and miles. This benefits the airline and hotel more. Don’t get drawn in. It may be best to look for bank rewards instead and use these for your travel expenses.


Booking Double

senior-travellersIf you ever experienced waiting for your confirmed online booking but your browser froze, was it a go? The double booking spells double trouble indeed. If before the browser freeze it went through then you hit submit again you may end up with 2 ticket or rooms instead of one.

Bear in mind that you often have an entire day to cancel. Most often though, it is already too late when you realize it.

What is suggested is to call your ticketing agent to verify if it went good, otherwise wait a full 24 hours before rebooking.



Choices are overwhelming with all the low fare information. Many come with a lot of fine print that ends up more confusing than ever. Online bidding gets people overpaying as well for most. Doing your research and searching for portals are always a great starting point. If you go over the listing in airlines, hotels and services you may end up with a lot of better options.


Reserved Only

If you end up with reservations that go AWOL, don’t jump about getting a new booking. Not yet. Do a phone call to the hotel or an agent first. If they can confirm that it can’t be located then you should be given liberty to have a reservation replacement with no additional cost. You can dispute the cost, if still added in your credit card transactions, within 60 days of notice.

Clarify the transaction with a third party vendor or the travel agency if needed.



Amenities, if promised but not delivered, may be given proper compensation. It may be ground for credits you may use against rooms. Inquire nicely if there are other areas that travel managementwere part of what you were expecting but not given and find out how the accommodations plan to make it up with you.

Set realistic expectations though. If a pool is closed you may be given a free meal of choice instead. Don’t hope too much of getting a free accommodation just because the pool wasn’t available.


Next Door Noise

If it happens that you end up with a room next to the noisy neighbors, inform the front desk and ask if they can intervene. They usually give a notice that this is the case. Otherwise, go near a manager and appeal. In worst cases, you may ask for a refund.